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Youth and their families became excited about the program, and became very competitive, qualifying at the national level of competition.  Then to facilitate the environment and team culture of "Excellence" we added the word "Elite"... Thus, we were called the "Tulsa Flyers Elite".  From the beginning and passionately today, 3D serves the youth and adults of the community. 
1999 – The organization was founded, named Tulsa Flyers Junior Olympics
2001 – The outreach was launched into competition, advancing 12 youth to Sacramento, CA for the USATF JO National Championship
2003 – TULSA WORLD news article written about the Junior Olympic Track and Field Program, called "Passing it on".
2009 The first 3D Elite Student Athlete Youth Conference (Tulsa Police Department, Police Academy)

Coach P, VP Operations

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PHILOSOPHY: Determination-Dedication-Desire
MISSION: “…run for the prize".
TENETS: ...Determination (focused on the goal no matter how blurry the finish line gets)-...Dedication (committed to work for the goal, no matter how discouraged you get)-...Desire (internally inspired to live and succeed)​
The "L.Y.F":   (Live to Your Fullest).  "Don't cheat yourself of your own destiny".
The Company  3-Dimenstional Elite Student Athletes/Activities (3DESA, 3D) is an Oklahoma based company providing life-coaching services to students involved in athletics and other forms of student activities in the city and county of Tulsa, Oklahoma.3D Elite was founded in 1999 by Matthias Wicks, and after much research and development, 3D Youth Outreach was launched in 2001, as the Junior Olympic Tulsa Flyers Track and Field Club.

Matthias grew up in Lorain, OH, in a family of nine (9) boys.  He competed as a student-athlete at Admiral King high school in Lorain, OH.  He then journeyed to Tulsa, OK where he competed as a collegiate student athlete in track and field at Oral Roberts University.  Upon graduation, he became a Tulsa Police Officer, and high school track coach.  He served as a school resource officer, patrolman and detective.  In addition to his work, he dedicates his attention on the development of young people through coaching track and field, mentoring, and motivating. 

Matthias contributes his passion to impact young lives, to the impact of his parents, eight brother, and influential friends.

Matthias Wicks, Founder, HC

standing with Athlete Chance Galloway (National Finalist and World Youth Trial Competitor)

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